Important notice – Commence Pre-season training

Important notice – Commence Pre-season training

Posted on February 5, 2021 in 'News'

It’s been a tough time for everyone in WA with the recent Covid 19 lockdown, and our committee hope all our staff, players, sponsors and supporters have stayed safe and helped stamp out the outbreak.

It was close to home for us, with the security guard visiting the ECU University campus while infected, but the club are delighted to announce all the players and coaches tests came back negative, and we thank them for their quick response.

The club has been closed during the five day lockdown, as per the government’s requirement. The first priority for the club is the safety of our players, Juniors and seniors, coaches and support staff.

With the lockdown being eased from Friday evening (05.02.21) the clubs committee have agreed in conjunction with the University and Football West the following as we restart preparations for the new season.


  • * 150 Maximum Persons on site. Please keep visits to a minimum and drop off/collect your child for training
  • * Clubrooms and Changing rooms will remain closed until Monday 8/01/21 when a further update will be made
  • * All non players and Coaches  to use Face masks while at the University
  1. Saturday 6/02/21              U18/U20 and 1st team training times advised by Kenny Lowe/Mark Scanlan
  2. Sunday 7/02/21                 Junior NPL teams and times as advised by Mark Scanlan
  3. Monday 8/02/21               Junior Development training re commences as advised by Tash Harvey
  4. Tuesday 9/02/21               Junior NPL training re commences as advised by Mark Scanlan