Covid-19 guidelines update

Covid-19 guidelines update

Posted on May 28, 2020 in 'News'

It has been nearly two weeks since we commenced our club training, and the club would like to thank all players, staff and parents for adhering to the guidelines. 

The feedback that we have had has been excellent.  However, whilst we are hoping for some further relaxation of rules in the not too distant future, our current training structure and rules will continue to apply until Football West advise otherwise.

Therefore, as a reminder: 

* We understand that players have not seen each other, however physical contact (especially handshakes) is not permitted.

* Parents must drop off and collect players for training sessions as confirmed by the Coach.  If parents are to stay, they must remain in their cars.

* All players must bring their own water bottle to training, and not use another player.

* If a Bib is used during a training session, we ask that the player take it home, wash it ready for the next session.\

* Our clubroom and changing rooms will remain closed and we ask all players to come prepared to train.

* Our club Physio will not be onsite and available for consultations

* We also ask all players to leave the grounds immediately after their training has finished.

We look forward to sharing future updates as and when information becomes available from Football West.

Nicola Dullard – ECU Media and Marketing