A successful season for Jacks Development sides

A successful season for Jacks Development sides

Posted on September 12, 2018 in 'News'

The ECU Joondalup Soccer Club Junior Development Squad continues to impress as 2018 proves to be one of the most successful seasons to date.

The squad comprising of a newly formed U8 and U9 team as well as an U10 and U11 squad have finished off their season this week with some amazing results.

After 18 rounds of fixtures the U9 and U10 squads finish their season undefeated with an impressive 18 wins each. The U8 and U11 squads have also had a fantastic season only suffering 3 close defeats between the two age groups.

All teams have trained hard and displayed great attitudes. The boys have also shown a great deal of professionalism and sportsmanship. This is a credit not only to the players themselves but also to their coaches and parents for leading the way. Thanks to all of you for promoting our club in such a positive way.

We hope to see all the boys at the ECU trials this month and we look forward to another successful season in 2019.

A word from the coaches on their 2018 season;

U8 – Coach – Paul Inzalaco

I’ve been lucky enough to coach the U8s team and from start to finish they haven’t once let themselves or their team mates down.

For a group so young they have already come a long way in their first season together by lifting the trophy in the inaugural ECU Cup competition. Following on from this triumph the season has continued with winning ways having only one defeat all season which was avenged by beating them twice and winning all other games.

We’ve all seen the boys come on as individuals but also as a team scoring some great goals along the way as well as defending for their lives on occasions. The boys have been a pleasure to watch and the early Sunday morning starts are well worth the effort.

U9 – Coach – Andrew Brown

The U9s are a totally brand-new squad to the club this year. They all have a great attitude and have been a pleasure to work with. There is a lot of talent within this squad and they have had a very good season with a few players playing games for the U10s. Cheers Andy.

U10 – Coach – John Brown and Mike Lyons

Mike and I would like to thank the parents for their punctuality regarding training and on match days. Also, a big thank you to Gary for all his help throughout the season.

We started slowly this season, it was like a new team with 7 of the players playing their first year at the Club. Regarding the competition I felt it was stronger than last year with probably only 3 poor teams in the league.

To Kayden and all the lad’s thanks for your effort. In the off-season work on your skills namely your touch, control and ball skills, all easily done on your own. Well done to all of you on a successful season.

Have a nice break John and Mick.

U11 – Coach – Gavin Knight

This season my U11 team has progressed so much from the start of pre-season. They have worked very well as a team and have played some amazing football this season.

We have some superb players in all positions. The boys have kept the hard work going all season and we are looking forward to a great weekend down in Bunbury for the carnival. It has been a pleasure being their coach this season.