JO Mixed Netball Summer Season Fixtures – 04.09.17

JO Mixed Netball Summer Season Fixtures – 04.09.17

Posted on September 1, 2017 in 'News'

ECU Joondalup SC and the ECU Sports and Fitness Centre are running a mixed indoor netball tournament and the new season will run from the 21/8/17 until the 26/2/18.

They have some teams already but if any other teams are interested please contact Joseph Gorinski on (08) 6304 5000

Fixture may be subject to change

Please check this online fixture right up until the day of your match in case there are any changes made

This week’s fixtures 04.09.17

Court 1

6.15pm – Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants v ECU Mixed

7.00pm – Legends v Sub Me In

7.45pm – Blade Runners v Squirters

8.30pm – I Don’t Know v Chokers

Court 2

6.15pm – Tits & Bits v Lab Rats

7.00pm – Blue Ballers v The Disco Ninjas

7.45pm – Shit-Tastic v Basket Robbins

8.30pm – Goal Diggers v Team Nameless