ECU Summer Indoor Football – Results and Finals Fixtures

ECU Summer Indoor Football – Results and Finals Fixtures

Posted on December 20, 2017 in 'News'

The ECU Summer Indoor Football competition has reached the Finals stage with games on this Thursday.

Here are the Final round results for the ECU Summer Indoor Football league’s played on 14 December, also next week’s Finals games.

With this week Finals – as a reminder all players must have played at least 4 games to be eligible for the Top 4 in Divisions 1 and 2 only.  Those teams outside who have finished outside the top 4 do not have to adhere to this rule.

Congratulations to those teams and if you have any queries over eligible players just ask.

If a game is level after 36 minutes the game will go five minutes extra time then to best of five penalties, then sudden death. Good luck to all teams.

The bar will be open after all games so you can end the season with a few beers.

A big congratulations and thanks to Nik Silsby for organising this competition – Well done Nik !!!!!!

Final Round Results – 14.12.17

Leave My Arcelona 8 Real Shyte 3

Vicious Eight 9 The Pups 4

Mighty Mammoths 10 Borussia Teeth 0 – Forfeit

Trinity FC 1 Wolves SBISC 3

All Blacks 4 Don’t Dog the Mooy’s 3

Nutmeg Ya Nan 10 Hillary’s FC One 0 – Forfeit

We don’t give a Fook 3 Balding Wanderers 1

Hillary’s FC Three 14 The Blowins 7

Dilligaf 0 Real So Bad 8

Bye – AHG FC

Finals Fixtures – 21.11.17

6.30pm – Leave My Arcelona v Mighty Mammoths – Court 1

6.30pm – All Blacks v  Hillary’s FC Three v– Court 2

7.15pm – Real Shyte v Borussia Teeth – Court1

7.15pm – Trinity FC v Balding Wanderers– Court 2

7.15pm – The Pups v Real So Bad– Court 3

8.00pm – We don’t give a Fook v Wolves SBISC – Court 1

8.00pm – Dilligaf v AHG FC – Court 2

8.00pm – The Blowins v Don’t Dog the Mooy’s – Court 3

8.45pm – Vicious Eight v Nutmeg Ya Nan – Court 1

Bye – Hillary’s FC One