Smith looks at home at ECU

Smith looks at home at ECU

Posted on April 15, 2016 in 'News'

When Gordon Smith arrived at ECU Joondalup many at the club were expecting him to be good, but he has surpassed many of their thoughts and has been outstanding in the PS4 NPLWA season to date bagging three goals in as many games.

It’s not easy to move over the other side of the world to ply your trade, but that’s what Smith and Welsh defender Joseph Jones have done. Smith has settled in at the club and said he loves the place. “I canny complain,” he said, “The lads have been great and we’re starting to get used to each other and playing some good football, and I’ve managed to score a couple of goals, so onwards and upwards.”

The 24-year-old said the Night Series was disappointing but they are hitting their straps in the league. “The Night Series really didn’t go to plan, but new faces have come in since then and were playing some good football and we will only get better,” Smith explained. “We won back to back games in the league and deserved both wins, but we know we will be coming up against some of the top sides in the coming weeks, but all we can do is take care of the games that are put in front of us and continue to improve.”

There are things the Scotsman is taking time to get used too, the major one is parking. Smith has regularly met the Perth police and parking controllers in his first month here, and he can laugh about it now but at the time it wasn’t that funny. “I’ve settled in fine off the park, except for my driving,” he joked. “I’ve had my car clamped, towed away and I got a ticket this morning, so it’s not been great there, I’ve got to learn.”

Smith didn’t know what to expect when he headed down under, but he said there’s many of his mates in Scottish football who want to make the move to Perth. “I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got here, but like I said the club have been fantastic and I’ve settled in well. It’s a different style of football that I’m used to, but here it’s possession based and playing out from the back but I’m getting used it,” he said. “The lads back home are keen to try football in Perth, I’ve had four or five ex-teammates who are frustrated with the game over in Scotland and are looking to come over, and for me it was the change I need and I’ve not looked back yet.”

The striker is putting back into the game at the ECU academy coaching the clubs Under 11 side and he said it’s fantastic to coach the youngsters. “I’m really enjoying the coaching side, we’ve had a few friendlies, but working with kids test your patients a bit, but I’ve got a great bunch of kids and I’m looking forward to the season starting. It’s a great experience for me and the more I can coach the better I’ll become.”

Smith is also a qualified painter and decorator and has been working with Willie Herd and said it’s good to get away from the game now and again. “Yes it good, and I’d like to thank Willie for getting me hooked with a job, and things are going pretty well,” he said. “It’s good to have something other than football to do, but football is what I’m here for and I hope to help the club to the finals this season.”