McCulloch reappointed as Senior Head Coach for 2017

McCulloch reappointed as Senior Head Coach for 2017

Posted on October 14, 2016 in 'News'

After a season of great improvement from ECU Joondalup the club have acted quickly to reappoint Senior Head Coach Dale McCulloch for the 2017 PS4NPLWA season.

The 35-Year-old has been at the helm of the club for three years now and the club are delighted to have secured him again to continue his good work.

“We were delighted with the way Dale went about his business last season, even when we went through a sticky patch, he didn’t go away from his plans and he was rewarded with a great run in the second half of the season,” Syd Amphlett said. “We have worked extremely hard to bring in quality both on and off the park and we will be looking to push on, and with Dale in charge we are confident he will continue the improvement.”

McCulloch said he is delighted to be given the green light to continue his plans, and he said he will do doing all he can to bring success to the club. “ECU Joondalup means a great deal to me, and I’ve given my blood sweat and tears on and off the park for over 17 years, and people who know me will tell you I’ll be doing the same next season,” he said.

“The club backed me last season bringing in players and support staff of the highest level, and like I said at the presentation night we will be looking to celebrate trophies next season, but we all know we will have to improve in certain areas of our game and look to strengthen the squad.”

The club can also confirm David Tough and Steven McGarry have also been reappointed as First Team Coaches, Andy Petterson as Technical Director and club goalkeeper Coach, Mark Scanlan as High Performance Coach and Regan Arrigoni as Physio.

McCulloch said the coaching structure the club have implemented for next season will continue their improvement, and is looking forward to working with them. “Toughy, Steven and Mark were great last season for me, and I thought we worked well together, and I’m delighted the club have continued that partnership,” he said. “We all have the one view, and that is to play good football and bring success to the club.

“We got close last season and we will all do doing our best this season to continue our improvement. Mark and Regan brought in some professionalism in fitness and physio, and their input was good for us, while Andy worked well with our goalkeepers. Things are looking good on and off the park, we’ve pinpointed where we want to improve and we are doing all we can to bring players in to the club, but they have to the right players for our club both on and off it.”