Jacks success Hair today gone tomorrow

Jacks success Hair today gone tomorrow

Posted on September 16, 2016 in 'News'

The 2016 PS4 NPLWA season has come to an end, and it’s been a successful one for the ECU Joondalup senior side, going 13 games unbeaten and reaching the West Australian Top Four Preliminary Final.

Was it Dale McCulloch, David Tough and Steven McGarry’s tactical knowledge that saw them go on the good run, or was it Gordon Smith bagging in the goals, or was a rock tight defence with Lewis Italiano in sparkling form – I think not!!!

We’ve found the source, of the Jacks good run of form, and that’s committee member Keith Briers. Keith stopped cutting his hair after a disappoint loss to Floreat Athena in round six, and wouldn’t have it cut until the side lost.

We sat down with Keith and spoke about his superstition, and here’s the long and the short of it………

PS: I saw your post on Facebook of your long hair picture the morning after the ECU win over Athena in the Top 4 Semi. Obviously some kid of superstition going on. How did that come about Keith?

KB: Well Pete, I’ve done it before when I used to play a bit. I remember one year we went the whole season undefeated and also reached a cup final. By Christmas I could have done a great impression of Noddy Holder’s Christmas Song. The last trim I had was on the day we got touched up by Athena end of April. It was pretty long by the time our home game with Inglewood on 4th June rounded off the first half of the season. Under pressure I almost crumbled on the morning of the Inglewood game and went to the hairdresser for a clip. The place was packed so I thought sod it, I’ll keep it growing.

PS: Well that explains a bit about it as we started a great run on that day. Was that the game that gave you the idea?

KB: Yes it was. Along with what must be the understatement of the year at a Committee meeting when our President Steve Wheatley said that “we should have a better second half of the season”. Certainly a lot more than better. So, as the season progressed the old locks where getting beyond a joke and I was copping a bit of flack at home and up at the club. Things like “Good morning Wurzel” or Father Ted where commonplace. Of course by August my hair was very long but I resisted immense pressure to have it cut. By this time my superstition was well known so having it cut was never a choice I could make.

PS: So you reckon your untidy mop was the reason we had such a great run?

KB: Not sure Pete, it certainly saved a few bob over the weeks which is always good where I come from. I’d do it again no problem.

PS: Thanks for clearing that up Keith. What’s your thoughts on the season generally?

KB: Well, kicking off with the Night Series me and others where a bit disappointed. However, the coaching staff, Steve and Syd where upbeat and explained that we had a lot of young players out there and things would improve for the regular season. We all know the situation with the first half of it being a bit disappointing but no one could have expected the level of success and great football that the second half of the season delivered.

PS: When do you think the ECU express really picked up speed?

KB: Obviously when experienced players became available to play. If we could have had a full complement for the Top 4 Cup I would have had to wait for Monday to have a haircut. But as that’s the way it goes. After watching the final on Saturday it was not the best of games and I think we could have lifted the silverware if fortunes had prevailed. Game days for me are eagerly anticipated, I just love Saturdays at the Campus. Especially at the point of round 12 home against Sorrento. That was when the club decided to tighten up on gate access. Along with the results on the pitch we were really becoming a club to fear and what’s more a team you had to pay to watch. That’s when the Express really picked up speed.

I was up at the ground for 8.30 – 9.00am home game days. I really enjoyed manning the gate access and seeing that young lads where taking the money and getting food and a drink.

Overall it was a great season and one of the best I’ve ever experienced on and off the pitch. Like everyone else at the club I can’t wait for next season. The Campus will again be the place to be on Saturday afternoons. Of all the clubs ECU is certainly topped the table for entertainment and crowd hospitality on game days.

PS: Thanks Keith and You’ll be glad to know the new sponsor of the web site is Salon Express – only joking !!!!!!!!