Imre selected to play for 2016 WA Schoolboys squad

Imre selected to play for 2016 WA Schoolboys squad

Posted on July 8, 2016 in 'News'

ECU Joondalup young defender Miklos Imre has impressed in his first season in the Jacks under 18’s, and the 15-year-old’s performances have been rewarded with his selection in the WA Schoolboys Squad, which will host the National Tournament at Lark Hill Port Kennedy in August.

The central defender (Right – Miklos congratulated by Steven McGarry) said he was surprised to be selected but he is honoured to represent the state. “I was really surprised to make it into the squad given my age, but the squad is looking strong and most of the boys in the team played last year as well,” he said. “We’ve had five friendlies so far, and the trials were still occurring for the first three matches which were against Melville, Kingsway and Rockingham.  But after selections the final team has played against Ashfield winning 4-1 and Cockburn winning 5-1.”

Imre said he’s looking forward to playing in the tournament and playing against the best players in Australia, and he said he’s looking forward to the challenge. “Being only 15, playing against some of the country’s best under19’s is pretty scary, so I know I’ll have to be focused the whole tournament, but I’m looking forward to the challenge, and I’m happy to have this opportunity where I can keep developing my football.”

WA Schoolboys Coach Gavin Brown said the youngster is doing well. “Miki is doing well, he’s very composed and comfortable on the ball,” he said. “He could communicate better and be a bit more aggressive, but he’s one of our younger ones in the squad, which is looking good ahead of the tournament.”

It’s his first season playing in the Jacks under 18’s, and Miklos said he’s enjoyed the season to date, and his game is improving. “For Brownie and Paul to select me in the 18’s meant a lot, and I hope I haven’t let them down,” he said. “Pre-season was tough and I honestly didn’t expect to get so much game time this season, but I’ve been playing well and I enjoy the challenge playing and training with this age group, and we are pushing up the table after a slow start.”

Under 18’s Coach Paul Welch said Miklos is a talented player and fitted in really well with the squad. “He was the youngest member of the 18’s squad at the start of the season, at 14, but his age didn’t worry Brownie and I, he was always going to be in the 18’s side after playing 14’s 15’s and 16’s last year and never looking out of place,” he said. “Well actually that’s a lie he did look out of place, as he has so much natural ability and fitted in with ease at each level he stepped up to.”

Welch said after only a few training sessions he knew Miklos was up for the rigors of 18’s football. “The one thing I look for in a player is when they already know what they are going to do with the ball before they receive it, Miklos has this and a lot more besides,” he explained. “He is quiet on the pitch and that will have to change, but at this stage I’ll put that down to age, although he is a very laid back lad. For me he has everything in his locker and the final level he plays at will be determined by him and his desire to succeed or not. I very much hope to be reading about him and his achievements in the not too distant future.”

The youngster travelled to the UK last season with the Jacks under 15’s academy side, and said it was an amazing trip and showed him where he needs to be to play at the top level. “The experience was by far one of the best I’ve ever had and I have been fortunate to go on a number of football tours,” he said. “My highlight of the tour was probably our last game against Derby County, where my tackles were really good throughout the game so I was happy with my performance, a great experience and one I won’t forget in a hurry. For me I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League, and I wouldn’t mind what club I play for, and certainly to play professionally would be a huge goal of mine.”

He began playing indoor football when he was five at Melville, before moving his local team at East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer Club. He then moved to Cockburn for a year when he was ten, before joining ECU under 12’s in 2013. He said he has had some great coaches along the way but a few have good the extra yard to help his development. “My biggest football influences are Mark Lee and Barry Wood from Pro-Football Training.  They have always been supportive and encourage me on and off the field. They have belief in their players and their coaching makes football really enjoyable,” he explained. “I’m happy to also get one on one coaching from Steven McGarry, and in a short time he has helped influence the way I play this season.”

From everyone at ECU Joondalup good luck Miklos in the Schoolboys National Tournament!!