Lowry a standout in ECU Joondalup Golf Day

Lowry a standout in ECU Joondalup Golf Day

Posted on February 13, 2015 in 'News'

The annual ECU Joondalup Golf day was another huge success, with the performance of 2014’Player of the Year’ Ryan Lowry a standout on the Margaret River course. 

The defender was outstanding from the first hole to the last, but in between he was out of luck. The ??-Year-old has been training with Tiger Woods, and in fact is playing better than the American at the moment, but he exclusively told us: “I learnt a great deal from him over in the USA, and it’s made me better I almost got past the ladies tee on a few holes,” he said. “Tiger told me never to pass a ladies tee, or was it a lady without a tee shirt on.” After working with Woods, Lowry said he might take the game up. “It’s very therapeutic, well Tiger has a therapist, oh no that’s a sex therapist, me bad,” he said.

The raging favorite going into the day was goalkeeping coach Andy Banks, who plays off eight, but unfortunately he was following Lowry, and couldn’t aim straight due to fits of laughter. Joe Smith was looking good till he had a brain fade, and actually put $10 on Aston Villa to beat Chelsea, this again sent Banks into a another fit of laughter, and he fired into the water. The end for Banks came when he saw Lowry and Smith trying to push start the golf buggy, and Dale McCulloch took advantage to pip him at the post.

Syd Amphlett started well, but like Stoke City faded at the end, but he was outstanding on the 18th hole, after he was told, last one into the bar brought the beer, and he nicked Lowry and Smith’s buggy to finish off in style.  Charlie Comyn-Platt looked good, well his outfit did. The Englishman was rushing around the course like a maniac. The other players thought he didn’t want to pay at the bar, but they were suspicious when he had a full set of luggage on the back of his buggy, and at the end of the round nicked it, and drove to the airport to fly back home for a holiday.

The ’Gaffer’ was in perilous form and every time he told Lowry to hit in the rough, bunker or water, the defender obliged, hoping to get in his good books for the season ahead. McCulloch ‘AKA Adam Scott’, couldn’t be caught and his shot to the eighth hit two people and knocked them out. When asked about the incident he said. “I never touched them, they took a dive. My reputation is unfair, I’m telling you, you must need f###ing glasses, keep your eye on the ball mate.”

So that’s another golf day under their belt, and the Margret River course professional is still looking for 22 balls lost by Lowry, and he has no idea where the buggy is – Good one CP!!!