Unauthorised pitch use at ECU Football Arena

Unauthorised pitch use at ECU Football Arena

Posted on June 13, 2014 in 'News'

Please note that the University have full access to the grounds until 4.30pm each week day unless pre-arranged by the club and no access is allowed onto any pitches by ECU players or coaches’ without the approval of the club and the university

All unauthorised players and coaches on the pitches will be removed by Security

ECU Joondalup Soccer Club has access to the grounds and club rooms from 4.30pm on weekdays. Access to pitches is via authorised use with official coaches employed by the club only.

ECU Joondalup Soccer Club have authorise the Security to remove anyone from the pitches who does not have approval from the club

Please protect our Pitches!

Please treat the University staff with respect when we are using THEIR Pitches and facilities