Higgins set for local derby

Higgins set for local derby

Posted on August 17, 2013 in 'News'

ECU Joondalup are currently on a good run of form, but that will be tested in the northern suburbs local derby against Sorrento on Saturday. Midfielder Jon Higgins’ form has been one of the reason’s Joondalup have turned the corner, and the 27-year-old is looking forward to the challenge.

“Sorrento are not at the top of the league for no reason, but our form lately has been quality, it’s really something others should be worried about,” said Higgins.

“We have a couple of real threats in the team and hopefully can cause them a few problems, but it’s always a good game against The Gulls and I can’t wait until 3 o’clock Saturday.”

Joondalup made it four games unbeaten with a hard fought 2-0 win against Armadale last week, but Higgins said new Coach Dale McCulloch told a few home truths at the break. “It was a funny game; I think the first half was probably one of our worst performances of the season. We got a spray at halftime from the Gaffer, pulled our heads in, and the second half was a complete different story. We had loads of opportunities, even Tommy Jones nearly scored,” joked Higgins.

As a teenager Higgins headed over to the UK after signing a three year deal with Birmingham City, but things didn’t go to plan. “I got a contract at Birmingham when I was 16, but came home after nine 9 months, explained Higgins.

“England isn’t the place for me, I’m to laidback. I headed back three years later for trails at Wolves, and was close to a deal, but again I just couldn’t adapt to the lifestyle, and it was very cut throat over there.”

The appointment of McCulloch as senior coach got the thumbs up from Higgins, but he was unsure what to expect from the fiery Scotsman. “It’s always tough time when a coach leaves a club, and it was when Salv Todaro and the club parted ways. I think the club and players just needed something new. We were in a bad place and when you’re losing games, things are 10 times worse,” explained Higgins.

“The club had a few options on who to appoint, but Dale for me was the only one. I think in this league the coach needs to have the respect of the playing group, and he has it with us. To be fair I thought it might be a little weird going from teammate to coach, but it’s been a real good transition, plus I don’t think he was going to last the season on the pitch anyway!!.”