ECU Joondalup Supporters – Football needs you.

ECU Joondalup Supporters – Football needs you.

Posted on February 22, 2013 in 'News'

Whether your interest is entirely based around watching your child kick a ball, participating on a social or semi-professional basis or extends to a deep passion for a local or overseas team, you stand to benefit from the bid to build a Home of Football. By backing the push for funding, you will be sending a clear message that the most-played team sport in Western Australia has a collective voice that deserves to be heard.

A centre of training excellence, small competition venue, community facilities and administrative headquarters will deliver improvements in every area of football, and to every one of the hundreds of thousands of people it already touches in this state.

This is not about building a house for Football West. It is about building a home for football.

The campaign for a Home of Football has generated international interest and thousands of messages of support.

Football fans throughout the world have watched the “For Football’s Sake” online video and letters have already been sent to political leaders asking them to consider funding a project that will benefit everyone associated with the game.

English Premier League legend Robbie Fowler, Perth-born Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones and Germany-based former Perth Glory striker Nikita Rukavytsya have joined the thousands of fans who are backing our funding push.

The video, featuring WA football greats including Stan Lazaridis, Bobby Despotovski and Jamie Harnwell and AFL champion Glen Jakovich, had some people wondering about the use of the “f” word – that’s “f” for football – to promote the campaign.

Since Football West does not condone the use of foul language, expletives were not used in the short video presentation and the subsequent promotional material.

The “For Football’s Sake” video was released to draw attention to the plight to build a Home of Football, and at no point did we intend to offend members of the Football Family or wider community and hope you will continue to support our campaign by completing our letter to political leaders at

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