Jones back at ECU

Jones back at ECU

Posted on June 25, 2011 in 'News'

Former WA State junior striker Tommy Jones has headed back to ECU Joondalup for the rest of the season. The 25-year-old joined Mandurah City at the start of the season , but when the opportunity came to re-join ECU he jumped at the chance. “I’m delighted to be back at ECU again after a few seasons away,” said Jones.

“The travel was getting to me going down to Mandurah from Joondalup, and obviously losing more than we were winning wasn’t the best. I met some really nice people there and I do wish them the best for the future and hopefully they don’t get relegated.”

Jones, who left ECU in acrimonious circumstance last time, has fitted back well in the Northern suburbs club and is now helping out with the juniors. “I never wanted to leave the club last time but had no choice and my attitude was the reason,” explained Jones.

“I feel like I’ve grown up a bit now, and when I heard they were keen to get me back there was only one place I wanted to play. I spoke to Syd and I’ve got a clean slate now and I won’t ruin my chance this time. I’m also coaching the juniors at the club, with John Brown and Willie Kelly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the 12s and 13s which I love doing. It’s good to put back into the club, and I real enjoy helping the kids and hopefully next year I can be more involved with the juniors as there are some outstanding kids coming through the club.”

Jones, who trailed with English Premier League side Bolton wanderers as a youngster,  made an immediate impact on his debut scoring in the 3-2 defeat against Armadale and played a full game in their 3-1 win at Cockburn last week and he hopes his scoring can continue. “It was a great win at Cockburn on Saturday, a must win for both teams I thought and thankfully we came out on top and I thought we deserved it the way we played, “said Jones.

“I was over the moon scoring on me debut, pity we lost the game. I wasn’t expecting to start straight away in the team but lucky for me I was and I hope to score plenty more and work hard to get us in that top 5 when the season is over. We have a very good squad when everyone is available for selection; the youngsters from the reserves have stepped up and performed in training and games when they have come in. We’re lucky at the club as we always have good youngsters coming through the ranks.”

It’s another big game on Saturday when Jones’ former club Bayswater City travel to the ECU Arena, but Jones is looking forward to the game. “It’s another big game for us, Bayswater are a good team and play good football, they are coming off a great win at Balcatta and we are going to have to be on top of our game to get a result,” said Jones.