Amphlett stands down as ECU Joondalup Senior Coach

Amphlett stands down as ECU Joondalup Senior Coach

Posted on August 13, 2011 in 'News'

The tenure of Steve ‘Syd Amphlett’ as Senior Coach of the ECU Joondalup Football Club ends at the end of the season. Syd, who was President of the club three years ago, stepped up to the coaching role and was instrumental in turning the clubs fortunes around and their fifth placed finish last season was the best since they won the league in 1999.

Nicknamed ‘The Special one’ by Eamon Duffy on the football talk show ‘Let’s talk Football’, Amphlett has enjoyed the opportunity to lead the club. “I have thoroughly enjoyed the job up to this year. The player’s response has been fantastic but I have not enjoyed it this year and have been very frustrated. I really believed I had a team capable of challenging but it was not to be,” explained Amphlett.

“I have also been disappointed with my own performance this season, but as I said it has been frustrating at times. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the President, Steve Wheatley for his wholehearted support during my tenure as coach plus all the committee.”

With many clubs in the Premier League in financial problems off the park, Amphlett believes high wages of players is killing the game in the state, and the ECU club would not go down that road. “Our budget means we are now out of touch with players wage demands. We just cannot and will not pay the 500-600 dollars it takes to win the league, we would just go bankrupt,” said Amphlett.

“I don’t blame the players, it’s the clubs decision and we need to do something before some clubs are just drained financially. Probably the only way to stop it is to stop relegation and make promotion to the premier league based on Criteria, which includes having the finances to be able to cope. We had players approached to leave our club for much bigger wages, but I’d like to thank them all for staying loyal to me and ECU Joondalup.”

Amphlett who has run businesses around the world, say’s the pressure on clubs in the state is huge to succeed. “The money required is huge, and the pressure is enormous. I have been a partner in a business that had 50 employees, but this was far harder. I believe I came in and steadied the ship after several coaching changes. We then had our highest finish in 6 years and made the top five, but discipline this year has been a problem. There have been too many games where we had to win with only 10 players, not many games where I could choose the same side, and maybe I got too close to the players,” commented Amphlett.

“Added to that, I am a passionate coach but felt that Football West and referees were going over the top with their view of my coaching style and in the end i just had to sit and watch, instead of the passionate vocal person I am. I could go on but just loads of things just frustrated me, I just got too involved in what was going on at the club instead of just concentrating on the team and now i need a break.”

Amphlett will be involved around the club in some role, and the 52-year-old believes the club is heading in the right direction. “I intend to stay at the club and ensure the next coach gets all the help he needs. That may not be financial but ensure we continue to become as professional as possible, build the new club house and help ECU retain their status as a top academy. We can only help by continuing to produce our own players through our excellent academy structure,” said Amphlett.