Under 12s Winning in the Rain

Under 12s Winning in the Rain

Posted on April 25, 2013 in 'Juniors 2013'

After a hard fought win against Perth in the first week, the 12s hit the road to Beale Park to play Cockburn City. With showers predicted the pitch would be slippery. Two first half goals from Trent put the game safe. Ben scored two in the second half and Ciaran added another to finish the game 5-0.

ECU put the Cockburn team under pressure from the start and had the best chances starting with Ollie heading over the bar early. Morgan makes an attacking run through the middle of the Cockburn defence setting up Jason who has his shot saved by the keeper. Cockburn attack down the right but

Josh wins the ball and moves the ball quickly to Ollie. Trent is alone on the right and Ollie puts the ball through, Trent beats the defender and puts the ball low into the corner 1-0.

Miki, Ben and Jason move the ball quickly and are rewarded with a corner. From the corner Ben shoots wide. Most of the play is in the Cockburn half and another goal can’t be too far away. Evan controls the play well from the back switching the play to Charlie who spots Jason making a good run. Jason shoots straight away on the turn but the ball goes over. Another attacking run this time from Ben, results in a goal. His early cross is half cleared and Trent hits a half volley from 20 yards which the keeper doesn’t even attempt to save 2-0.

The 12s pressure from the front and Jason shoots just over again. Cockburn try to find an opening but Miki and Evan keep things safe at the back.

The second half gets under way with more of the same. Ben and Dylan make good attacking runs. Cockburn start to spread the ball wide, trying to find a way behind the defence. Josh chases back to deny the Cockburn striker a scoring opportunity. Miki and Evan are too good in the middle for the Cockburn forwards.

At the other end the 12s create numerous chances with Ciaran, Trent and Morgan all going close. The third goal was a good individual effort from Ben who makes a good attacking run and beats the keeper low into the corner 3-0. The showers continue but ECU keep attacking looking for more goals. Trent gives Ollie the ball on the right and he wins a corner. Ben picks up the ball on the edge of the area from the corner and turns to score 4-0. There is no coming back for Cockburn and more close efforts from Frazer and Jason could have added to the total. Its Ciaran who finds the target with the game almost over. Ollie makes a good run and passes to Ciaran on the left. He scores from a narrow angle, to make it 5-0.