Under 11’s beat the Knights

Under 11’s beat the Knights

Posted on June 29, 2013 in 'Juniors 2013'

ECU V Western Knights – Sunday 23rd June 2013

The weather was grim as we travelled south for the epic battle with Western Knights. The boys were all fired up once we got to Davis Oval and were wearing their lucky black kit. By the time we kicked off the sun had managed to make an appearance through the clouds. Western Knights made their first attack within the first fifty seconds making it clear they meant business!

This did not deter ECU who quickly came back with an attacking cross from Luke, which was palmed away by the keeper. Harry pounced onto the ball firing low only to see his goal bound shot blocked on the line. The first corner for ECU was three minutes into the game resulting in no goal.

Western Knights shortly followed with a shot that missed. It was neck and neck and anyone could of got the first goal. Desperate to be the first, Harry made a shot over the top bar five minutes in. Shortly after Luke also had a go. Great defending at the back from Wesley and Aaron L stopped the Western Knights from getting through on the rebound.

A free kick in the twelfth minute for Western Knights at their end was well blocked by Riley. Western Knights followed by attacking down the wing and great defending by Aaron L resulted in a corner for them, which was wasted. The game was really tense with each side giving it their best shot. Possession of the ball was split evenly between the teams. Kai had to stay focused at all times just in case the Western Knights broke through at any stage.

In the seventeenth minute this all changed as Luke Davis scored a fantastic goal and as his mum reminded me, we were playing on Davis Oval!! Shortly after Harry, Dayan and Nathan all had attempts at scoring. With three minutes to go Aaron H greatly cleared an attempt at goal by Western Knights. The ball was soon down the other end with Nathan unleashing a rocket of a shot, which beat the keeper and unfortunately went inches wide of the post. Just before the whistle at half time, everyone gave a big cheer thinking Harry had scored but unfortunately the ball hit the side of the net.

Half Time ECU 1 – Western Knights 0

Nathan, Harry and Aaron H were all replaced with Matt, Zack and Joe. The first few seconds Western Knights were ready to fight back and went straight into attack mode but our defiance was still strong and ECU soon won a corner kick which was taken by Zack.

The ball was up and down the pitch as both sides were determined to score. In the third minute, Riley from midfield passed to Joe, which resulted in an own goal. ECU 2 – Western Knights 0. In the fourth minute ECU had a free kick which Wesley touched onto Riley who then fired at the goal and rattled the cross bar.

Western Knights still gave fight and had a shot in the tenth minute. Luke came off the left wing and Zack moved into his position to make room for Harry on the right wing. ECU’s third goal came in the 21st minute with a pass from Matt, which Riley fired into the net. Aaron L was swapped for Aaron H and Nathan replaced Dayan.

In the last dying minutes Western Knights still had a go at goal but with no result. The battle continued right up to the final whistle. Well done boys, a good all round performance! The black kit is the lucky one!

Full Time ECU 3 – Western Knights 0