THE GREAT ESCAPE (by Alan Ostler)

THE GREAT ESCAPE (by Alan Ostler)

Posted on April 19, 2013 in 'Juniors 2013'

The ECU 12s start off the season with a tough home encounter against Perth.

With a win over Perth in last week’s Balcatta Cup Final the boys knew Perth would be out for revenge. Perth went ahead in the first half from a free kick on the edge of the box and controlled large parts of the game. They looked impressive at the back and it wold require something special to break them down. Dylan’s persistence at chasing down a long ball paid off when he put the keeper under pressure and got the ball over the line. The winner was unorthodox but the ball went in when Josh threw himself at the ball from a corner to win the match.

The game started scrappy with both teams unable to get the ball moving. Evan was called into action when Perth got the ball to their front men. Perth were starting to find some rhythm in their play and Cody sprints off his line to clear the ball . A free kick is awarded to Perth on the edge of the penalty area. A three man wall is put into place but the Perth player hits the ball into the top of the net with Cody stretching to reach the ball 0-1.

The game becomes a stalemate with no real chances for the rest of the half. Dylan keeps the left back busy with a couple of attacking runs. Micki and Ciaran combine to try and find a way behind the Perth defence but they are well organised. Perth try themselves to find a weakness in the ECU backline but Evan, Trent , Charlie and Josh are up to the challenge. Charlie pushes forward and has a shot from 18 yards which the keeper saves. With the clock running down Ciaran keeps chasing the Perth defence trying to trier them out. The whistle is blown and the 12s need to reorganise for the second half.

The second half starts with the 12s pushing forward to find the equaliser. Jason gets the ball down the left wing to keep Perth pinned in their own half. Trent and Ollie use the ball well to find some space for Charlie whose shot is saved by the Perth keeper. With ECU pushing forward the Perth team make a quick break and Cody has to make a fingertip save to push the ball over the bar. Ollie and Ciaran both put the defence under pressure finding Jason and Fraser in good positions but the Perth defence clear the ball. Cody is called upon again and saves down to his right to keep ECU in the game. Perth are looking for the goal to kill the game. Trent jumps to head the ball clear of danger. ECU are pinned in their own half but Trent gets to the ball first in midfield. He spots Dylan and puts the ball long. Dylan chases the ball and gets his shot under the keeper for the equaliser 1-1.

The game is now in the balance with both teams wanting to get the winning goal. Charlie puts in some good defensive work and Cody makes another save. Josh charges through the middle and shoots but the keeper has it covered. With the game nearly finished, ECU win a corner and all boys push forward. Trent whips the ball over, the keeper can’t reach it, Josh throws himself at the ball, the rest as they say is history 2-1. The 12s push forward straight away. Charlie lines up to put the game out of reach of Perth with a free kick but the shot goes wide.

A great escape for the 12s but still a great win to start the season against a very good Perth team.