ECU under 12’s win the Balcatta Cup

ECU under 12’s win the Balcatta Cup

Posted on April 12, 2013 in 'Juniors 2013'

The ECU under 12’s travelled to Grindleford Reserve for the Pre-season Balcatta Cup with only a bit of pressure after winning the tournament the previous four years.

The weather was great for the beach but would make it a long hard weekend for the boys. The group stage would mean games against hosts Balcatta, Perth (2), Subiaco and Cockburn.

ECU Under 12’s – Back Row – John Higgins ( Coach ), Presley, Kieran, Kody, Liam, Stuart Grant ( Asst Coach ), Charlie, Evan, Miklos, Lee Green ( Asst Coach )

Middle row – Ben, Fraser, Josh, Trent, Ciaran, Dylan, Ollie

Front row – Morgan

Some stand out moments of the tournament

·         Cody magnificently saving a penalty that stopped Perth (2) getting back into the game and gave the whole team a boost

·         Fraser scoring a hat trick in the QF against Cockburn

·         Superb defensive display in all games

·         Everyone involved was a credit to the club

Perth Glory coach Alistair Edwards presented Morgan with the Cup which the boys thoroughly deserved. A great start to the season for the 12s.


ECU 4-0 Cockburn – C Bramwell, Morgan, Josh, Jason

ECU 3-1 Perth (2) – Ollie, C Coyne, Jason

ECU 3-0 Subiaco – Jason, Ben x2

ECU 3-0 Balcatta – Liam, Josh, Dylan

Quarter Final

ECU 5-0 Cockburn – Jason x2, Fraser x3


ECU 3-1 East Fremantle – Trent, Liam, Ben


ECU 2-0 Perth (1) – Dylan, Ben