Under 12’s Junior Player Profile – Tyler Uglow

Under 12’s Junior Player Profile – Tyler Uglow

Posted on May 4, 2012 in 'Juniors 2012'

Name : Tyler Uglow

Position : Right Full Back

ECU Team : Under 12

Favourite Food : Fish and Pasta

Best Holiday You Have Been On : Going to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, cruise through the Caribbean and Japan with Mum, Dad and Nan and Grandad.

Favourite Football Team : Manchester United

Favourite Three Footballers : Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Ashley Young

Favourite Other Sports : AFL, Cricket, Basketball, long distance running

Favourite Musical Group/Artist : Coldplay

Favourite Three Films : Die Hard 3, Goal 2, Rambo 1

Favourite Three TV Shows : Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Fox Sports News

Best Memory So Far With The ECU Juniors : Winning the Balcatta Cup

Any Other Interesting Fact About Yourself : I won the 20kg and under division Open Championships for Tai Kwon do and I knew all of my times tables by the time I was 5.