Under 10’s Junior Player Profile – Dayan Bhudia

Under 10’s Junior Player Profile – Dayan Bhudia

Posted on May 13, 2012 in 'Juniors 2012'

Name : Dayan Bhudia

Position : Centre-mid

ECU Team : Under 10

Favourite Food : Nachos, pizza, ‘mum’s’ yogurt curry

Best Holiday You Have Been On : New York & Disneyland–Paris.

Favourite Football Team : Manchester United

Favourite Three Footballers : L. Messi, L. Nani, C. Ronaldo

Favourite Other Sports : Badminton, Atheletics, Swimming.

Favourite Musical Group/Artist : Pitbull, Timbaland, LMFAO.

Favourite Three Films : Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast & Furious, Iron- Man.

Favourite Three TV Shows : Big Bang Theory, Big Time Rush, Victorious.

Best Memory So Far With The ECU Juniors : Match against Quinns, last year, set up a pass through 6 players which landed in the path of my team player and we scored !!

Any Other Interesting Fact About Yourself : I love all sports that require running; I always surprise every-one with my speed.

I was born in London and moved to Perth when I was three yrs old.