Under 10’s Junior Player Profile – Harry Moses

Under 10’s Junior Player Profile – Harry Moses

Posted on August 25, 2012 in 'Juniors 2012'

Name : Harry Moses

Position : Centre Mid

ECU Team : Under 10’s

Favourite Food : Shepherd’s Pie (with peas & carrots!)

Best Holiday You Have Been On : England

Favourite Football Team : Liverpool FC & England

Favourite Three Footballers : Neymar, Ronaldo & Suarez

Favourite Other Sports : Golf & Cricket

Favourite Musical Group/Artist : Jay Sean

Favourite Three Films : Step up 3, Disaster & Will

Favourite Three TV Shows : Premier League, Soccer AM & Modern family

Best Memory So Far With The ECU Juniors : I love the training sessions and being part of the team. My best memory so far is winning the tournament this year and beating Quinns in the final

Any Other Interesting Fact About Yourself : I am the youngest westerner to hold a Thai boxing fight in Patong stadium in Phuket, Thailand. It was held on Australia Day 2009.

Also, I train with Chris Coyne every Saturday morning for an hour. He is an amazing coach and someone I look up to.