Under 10’s Junior Player Profile – Harry Blunt

Under 10’s Junior Player Profile – Harry Blunt

Posted on May 4, 2012 in 'Juniors 2012'

Name : Harry Blunt

Position : Centre Mid/Upfront/Wing

ECU Team : Under 10’s

Favorite Food : Omelette

Best Holiday You Have Been On : Borneo Malaysia

Favorite Football Team : Manchester City

Favorite Three Footballers : Messi, Tevez and Naseri

Favorite Other Sports : Its only Football!!

Favorite Musical Group/Artist : Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Three Films : Tin-tin, Fast and Furious and Paul

Favorite Three TV Shows : The Simpsons, Soccer AM and The Family Guy

Best Memory So Far With The ECU Juniors : John shouting at training!

Any Other Interesting Fact About Yourself : I can do the worm at the Disco