ECU put six past Ellenbrook

ECU put six past Ellenbrook

Posted on June 2, 2012 in 'Juniors 2012'

Ellenbrook 0 ECU Joondalup under 11’s 6 The boys hit the road to Ellenbrook and hoped to continue their excellent start to the season. It was a tale of two halves with the first half one sided and the second half very close.

The 11s started the game very strongly and it didn’t take long for the first goal. Ben was the lone striker and after going close moments earlier finished his second chance to open the scoring 1-0.  The Ellenbrook team were all in their own half trying to get the ball but the boys meant business. Ben had a couple more chances go just wide.

Ciaran was using his pace on the left and scored the second goal after 10 mins. Ollie gets the ball from a corner and crosses to Ciaran who shoots a thunderous effort into the top corner. Superb goal. 2-0. The game was all ECU and they were unlucky not to score more. Ben, Charlie, Ciaran, Ollie and Dylan all have shots saved.

The back three are quiet but Kian has had enough and lets one of his long bombs go from 20 yards but it’s just over which is lucky for Ellenbrook. Jack and Ciaran move the ball quickly to Charlie who turns his defender but is just over with his shot. The third goal is a great solo effort from Dylan who gets the ball from Trent and beats the defence with his pace and then the keeper with a shot into the bottom corner. 3-0.

The fourth goal is a great move which the boys are doing every week now. Morgan puts the ball into space for Dylan to use his pace. Dylan whips the ball into the danger area and Charlie beats the keeper. 4-0. Fantastic goal. Again Dylan is causing lots of trouble for his opponent and he crosses to Ciaran who slots the ball home from the back post. 5-0.

Morgan and Trent in the midfield set a great tempo for the boys to work off. The back four of Evan, Josh, Jack and Kian stopped any attack from developing and the attack did the job scoring five goals.

The second half was a much closer contest with Reid making some great saves to keep a clean sheet. Ciaran was still using his pace on the left and had an early shot go just wide. Ben gets the ball and wins a free kick 15 yards out. It’s Kian who bends it like Beckham around the wall but the keeper makes a great save. Unlucky Kian.

The Ellenbrook team get some possession and start to find some space. Evan clears the ball off the line and Ciaran heads clear. The boys have their backs to the wall and dig deep to keep Ellenbrook scoreless. Jack and Ollie are busy in midfield. Dylan makes a 40m run down the right and crosses the ball to Ollie who sees his shot go wide.

It’s end to end football with Reid making some great saves and Dylan continually beating the defence. Morgan has a shot from 15 yards saved by the keeper. Ellenbrook break down the right and Reid makes a full stretch stop to deny the striker an easy put in from the back post. Trent has a shot from 10 yards which the keeper juggles but scrambles to keep out. The game is almost over but Josh who has had a great game shoots and this time the keeper can’t stop it and it’s 6-0.

The 11s again were the worthy winners and for long periods of the game Ellenbrook could not get the ball. Reid who has not had a lot to do so far this season made some great saves. The boys showed attack is the best form of defence.