ECU edge out Melville

ECU edge out Melville

Posted on April 30, 2012 in 'Juniors 2012'

U13 ECU vs MELVILLE – Sunday 29/4/12 8.30am kick off

The much anticipated game with Melville was about to start. The rumours were brewing that Melville was going to give the ECU boys a run for their money – & the rumour was now a reality! The Melville lads had certainly come to play!!

Early in the first half both teams were trying to take early control of the game. Melville’s mid field were showing their speed, skill & determination. With a number of dynamic runs by their centre mid player beating several of the ECU players, Melville looked dangerous. One particular run created the best opportunity by the home team but was denied near the goals by a courageous tackle by Kyle McDonald .

The first 10 minutes of the game went Melville’s way with a continuous run of attacks through their midfield. The ECU defence of Stefan Vranesvic, James Owen, Ryan Banks & Nick Koefler stood strong to keep Melville at bay!! With scoring shots going Melville’s way 5 – 1 both teams of supporters were nervous wondering which team was going to crack first. ECU then started to take control as the minutes started to tick over towards half time. Aydan Dragun was working hard in the midfield feeding the ball continuously to both Brent Quick & Ryan Charles.

As time was running out towards the end of the first half, ECU keeper (Kyle McDonald) had touched the ball more times in this first half of this football game than he had in the past 2 full games!

The referee has blown his whistle, it’s the end of the first half & the score remained at 0-0.


The second half kicked off & ECU went on the front foot straight from that kick off. The 2 Sams, (Sam Fitzsimons & Sam Pollard) were constantly creating great attacking moves down the LHS, while Matteo Bresciani was stopping everything that came down the RHS.

This lead to 2 superb crosses by Sam Pollard across the face of the goal. The first cross (4 min’s into the second half) found the head of Declan Hughes! ECU 1 Melville 0.

The second cross (1 min. later) was finished off with another great header by Declan Hughes once again!! The score ECU 2, Melville 0.

The game then sea-sawed up & down the very long pitch. ECU kept control & the goal scoring opportunities continued to rise for the away team……until the 23rd minute. With the strong

Melville midfielder making an attacking run down the LHS he blasted the ball into the back of the net. ECU 2 Melville 1.

Both teams continued to withstand each other’s attacking raids & defensive lines for the next 7 min’s until the referee finally blew his whistle for full time.

FINAL SCORE – ECU 2 Melville 1.

Thanks to all of the players for a superb display of junior football! Thanks to the parents, coaches & supporters for their attendance!