Does anyone know what Jason had for breakfast?

Does anyone know what Jason had for breakfast?

Posted on June 23, 2012 in 'Juniors 2012'


ECU were dominating the game right from the start and the first brilliant attempt on goal was from Nathan Rhodes which was saved by the keeper. Shortly followed attempts by Harry Moses, Joe Hobson and Matthew McLaughlin failed to pass the keeper who was under pressure to keep the ball out.

Any attempts from Wembley Downs to move the ball into their half were short lived with Aaron Hinshelwood and Wesley working fantastically in defence. No one was going to get past this duo! Joe Hobson and Luke Davis both saw attempts on goal hit the posts but this did not deter ECU from keeping up the pressure.

The first fantastic goal for ECU came on the 20th minute from Jason Petrie, which was well deserved from all the pressure we had been applying. Shortly after one of Nathan’s brilliant crosses came off the back of a Wembley Downs player which Jason finished off making it 2-0 to ECU.

Aaron H, Luke and Joe were replaced by Dayan, Aaron Louttit and Jacob Turner with Jacob and Dayan having attempts on goal shortly after. ECU still continued to dominate the game. Nathan Rhodes hammered one of his shots into the back of the net just before half time and the score was now 3-0 to ECU.

Matt replaced Harry Blunt in goals for the second half of the game and right from the start Harry Blunt, Nathan and Aaron Louttit all had attempts to score. It was only10 minutes into the second half when Harry Blunt scored making it 4-0. A couple of minutes later Nathan scored his second goal making it 5-0.

Harry Moses, Wesley and Nathan were swapped with Joe, Aaron H and Luke shortly after. The boys were still giving good pressure and passing the ball fantastically. Jason’s hat trick was achieved by a well measured cross from Harry Blunt which Jason hammered into the net making it 6-0. It was not long until Jason scored another goal making it 7-0 and then Dayan scoring to make it 8-0.

The keeper was under immense pressure with shots on goal from Luke and Dayan but yet again it wasn’t long until ECU scored another goal. Harry Blunt passing 3 Wembley Downs players, delivered the ball to Jason who then made it 9-0. Whatever Jason had for breakfast that morning certainly did the trick or it could have been his new boots!! The final score was 11-0 with me struggling to keep up with my notes but Jason finished the game with (yes you guessed it!!) yet another goal just before the whistle.

Well done to all the ECU boys for playing a fantastic game and for working well together as a team.

Does anyone know what Jason had for breakfast????